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frequently asked questions

What types of cases do you handle at your firm?
I currently practice Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. Additionally, I have significant experience in handling family law matters as well. 
How much is your fee in a criminal defense matter?

Because criminal matters can vary greatly in types (Felonies, misdemeanors etc.) and each case has its own particular set of facts it is difficult to set a particular fee ahead of getting an understanding of what each particular client or case may need to achieve a successful outcome.

What are your fees for representation in a personal injury matter?

Like most injury attorneys, you do not pay me anything unless I get you a monetary recovery. If I get you a monetary recovery, then my attorney’s fee is 33 1/3 percent of the recovery amount up to 1 million dollars. Those amounts change some if the recovery exceeds o1 million dollars but will clearly be explained to you prior to your agreeing to be represented by my office in any injury matter.

Do you accept and work on cases in other states?

No, I am licensed to practice only within the State of Florida. However, I have represented clients throughout the entire state and appear in both Federal and State court regularly. Additionally, I may appear on a case in another state on a specific limited basis that would require special permission from that state to do so.

Is it okay to speak with the police without a lawyer present?

No, an individual who is the subject of an inquiry or investigation from police should always consult with an attorney before doing so. You make waive or lose valuable rights by speaking with law enforcement without initially contacting an attorney.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

If you have an injury case, the matter will likely take from 6 to 18 months to reach a settlement. If a lawsuit must be filed in the matter, you case could take 2 to 4 years to reach resolution. In criminal matters, a myriad of factors will influence how quickly you matter may be resolved. I have successfully achieved dismissals in criminal matters in as few as thirty days and as long as two years. It is most important to take whatever time is required to achieve the best result for your situation.

What guarantee can you provide as to the outcome of my case if I hire your firm to represent me in my legal matter?

It is important to understand that no lawyer will or should guarantee a particular outcome in any case. However, I will commit to guaranteeing you the absolute best and zealous representation with the hope of what I believe will produce positive results for you or your loved ones.